Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking the Long Out of the Short

For many sellers the “short” sale process is anything but; it can be much more tedious than the phrase implies. Realtors® say the extensive delay in the short sale process has caused many buyers to go elsewhere, forcing many sellers into foreclosure.

Now the U.S. government is stepping in to help homeowners facing foreclosure by streamlining the process for short sales and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure. The U.S. Treasury recently announced new incentives under the Making Home Affordable Program to encourage the quick private sale or voluntary transfer of property, which will save homeowners money and help many of them protect their financial futures.

Best Laid Plans

From my own experience, and from talking to other Realtors® to get their insights into short sales in today’s real estate market, it seems that we all have the same client experiences. The short sale process and outcomes regarding these transactions, for both buyers and sellers are still as tiresome as ever.

It still takes time, and time is what most buyers don’t feel they have to provide due to the fact that there is still roughly 10 months of inventory for sale. Especially this time of year, buyers are trying to get situated before school starts back. The desire is for a quick purchase and to move to settle in before the fall of the year. Short sales delay this process for weeks whereas a bank owned foreclosure resale can be something negotiated with the bank after the foreclosure and be handled in a relatively short period of time.

Statistics - Foreclosure Resales in Athens; Y-T-D 2009
(66 listings)

Low High Average Median Total
List Price $11,900 $395,000 $120,163 $107,450 $7,930,750
Selling Price $9,200 $330,000 $112,506 $105,501 $7,425,374
List/Sold(%) 74.07% 122.18% 94.82% 95.21% --
Price/SqFt ($) $0.00 $194.15 $46.16 $47.50 --
Days on Market 22 682 152 92.5 --

If you are a buyer in our market, these are probably the best buying conditions in 30 years! If you would like to search the Athens MLS with MapTracks please take a look at listings in our “Classic City” today! On this web MLS search solution you can search every listing on the Georgia MLS for the Greater Athens area or in your Georgia town!



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