Saturday, August 8, 2009

Selling a Home in Athens or Anytown USA; Cheap Tricks to Freshen Up your Home’s Look

Homes that look fresh sell much faster than homes that have that have that “lived-in” weathered and worn look about them. Here are some cheap tricks from Money Magazine for boosting appeal with a few of my own ideas thrown in to boot;


● Buy a new mailbox, house numbers, doorbell, and knocker: Should cost just a few hundred dollars at most. I would also recommend replacing door hardware on front door as well. Finishes don’t always stay in vogue. A brass front door set yesterday looks dated today.
● Green the grass with nitrogen-rich fertilizer: Again, a simple fix that should not cost more than a hundred dollars. Remember though that you have to water that grass to make it work. If you are moving out leaving the house vacant where it will go unwatered, don’t waste your money on fertilizer.
● Edge and mulch the flower beds: Another couple of hundred dollars at most to a good yardman and the job is handled. Remember though depending on how long your home sits on the market that this should be redone about every 180 days.
● Replace the bathroom faucet: Would do so in each bedroom to update the look and keep it looking fresh and clean. Don’t forget about the faucet in the kitchen too!
● Install beadboard over dated bathroom tile: This may or may not be an easy or inexpensive fix. Make sure you know what you are doing and can tie it together. Sometimes dated or old tile might start to look “retro” or “classic” in the right market.
● New paint: If you do it yourself this is pretty inexpensive. Remember white on the exterior trim looks fresh and clean. Neutral colors on interior walls. Dark colors make rooms look smaller.

● Replace switchplates and outlet covers: Use white switchplates as they look new and fresh.
● Install stone tile over existing Formica countertops: Would also look at a type of laminate that has a granite “look” about it. Now a days you can even get an expensive look with a bullnose edge on laminate countertops.

These are probably the best buying conditions in 30 years! If you would like to search the Athens MLS please take a look at listings in our “Classic City” today! On this web MLS search solution you can search every listing on the Georgia MLS for the Greater Athens area or in your Georgia town!

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