Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunset Drive, Talmadge Heights, and the General Hospital Area; Sales Trends and Walk Scores

The Sunset Drive, King, Hart, Holman, Gilmer, and Westover and other streets comprising the Talmadge Heights and General Hospital Area have seen limited sales this year. Sales data from the Athens MLS is as follows;

(8 listings)

List Price$103,500$299,900$179,725$184,900$1,437,800
Selling Price$106,000$317,500$177,969$173,600$1,423,750
Price/SqFt ($)$0.00$152.32$117.21$136.50--
Days on Market32211118114--

There are also another five under contract at this time.

(5 listings)

List Price$120,000$240,000$160,330$150,000$801,650
Price/SqFt ($)$0.00$130.17$57.67$64.27--
Days on Market28377143103--

What is most striking about this area of Athens is that both the ratio of list price to sold is higher than overall area numbers, but also the average days on market is much less than that of the overall Athens area. In this area of town you might find a home for as little as $100,000 with less than a 1,000 square feet and as much as $300,000 with 2,500 square feet worth of volume. I think what makes this neighborhood so attractive is its' walkability. Both Talmadge Heights and General Hospital Walk Scores below.



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