Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Athens, Ga First Time Home Buyers on Facebook

Today I decided to join the list of business owners by creating my own “fan or group” page on Facebook. I am not a newbie by far to Facebook. Been on it for more than a year and got into it early on as a Gen X’r. In fact my baptism into Facebook was early enough to have a few 20’s something year old friends of mine inquire why someone “my age” might be trying out Facebook. The Facebook group I created is simply named the Athens First Time Home Buyers.


If you are thinking of buying in the “Classic City” for your first home purchase, you might think about getting involved with our group. Membership is open to First Time Home Buyers whether you have taken the plunge yet or not!

Why did I set this group up? Because in my day to day travels around the Greater Athens area I find that many potential first time buyers have questions. Many wonder if they should buy today or wait. What are interest rates going to do? Are prices going lower? Many also feel confused when it comes to financing issues, how to protect themselves in a contract for purchase of a home, etc..

“Help me, help you” get the answers to questions you might have regarding the biggest investment of your life! On the group page at Facebook there are some great links for first time home buyers such as; (to name only a few)

  • Waiting To Buy a Home?
  • Timing the real estate market
  • Tax Benefitsof Homeownership
  • First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Athens, Ga; form 5405 is attached
Also articles from The Wall Street Journal on housing and the economy plus more! If you are on Facebook and want a venue with a discussion board to ask those tough questions then please give the group a try. No listings posted here! This is about you, your questions, and helping provide information on the issues you see that get in the way of home ownership.

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