Thursday, August 20, 2009

Athens GA Home Sales, week of Aug 17, 2009

During the week of August 17th, we have seen fifteen sales in Athens, GA. Of these roughly 27 percent were listed for more than $300,000. Of these we find the following statistics;

Statistics Sales Above $300k List Price
(4 listings)
List Price$315,900$399,900$348,800$339,700$1,395,200
Selling Price$288,600$378,000$318,400$303,500$1,273,600
Days on Market9011810096--

Of properties listed for under $300,000 (chart below) we found that Athens, GA home sellers are still getting a high percentage of list price. Higher end homes seemed to sell at more of a discount during the week to get them moved quickly. This is a testament to some of the lowest days on market that we have experienced this year thus far.

Statistics Sales Below $300k List Price
(11 listings)
List Price$62,500$279,900$143,591$133,000$1,579,500
Selling Price$60,000$259,000$137,055$132,000$1,507,600
Days on Market3728813184--

All in all, the most popular price range in the Athens area is between $120,000-$180,000 as I have noted in other recent posts. If you are in this price range please know that you won't have to budge much when that offers comes!

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