Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Inspections in Athens, GA; Now go Infrared!

Recently I had a home inspection needed on a property a Buyer Client of mine was buying in the Greater Athens area. This was a 4300 square foot bank owned property that had been sitting for awhile so the client decided to not only do a home inspection on this "as-is" purchase, but they took my advice to use HomePro Home Inspections and had them do their "Infrared" Home Inspection service. I have blogged about infrared home inspections in the past, but I thought the results of this inspection was substantial enough to do a follow up post.

HomePro, in Watkinsville, is the only area home inspector that is certified to do infrared home inspections.

This particular home has heart pine on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the main living area as you walk in the front door. What was ultimately impressive was that the attached photo shows heat coming in from outside due to missing and loose insulation in multiple locations. The bottom photo is amazing. The caption is "heat bleeding through from attic area due to loose insulation." It really does look like it is "bleeding" too.

What is pretty impressive about the technology is that you can more accurately nail a leak in a roof, condensation in a wall due to duct work that is loose or seeping, and even find those old bottles and nails left inside a wall from when it was constructed!

Is this for everybody? Maybe not this level of service. If I were buying a distressed or foreclosed property in this day and time I would get one of these services done.

HomePro does do the same basic inspections that any home inspector might do in addition to infrared. They have their patented "Blue Book" that goes through a soothing color coded section of warm to hot to help you as a home owner, home buyer, or Realtor see what problem areas exist in a property and which one's are no big deal.

Would use HomePro and Mark Lotane again in a heartbeat to help identify potential issues. Other than Mark, no one in town can "see through walls." He is my resident Superman in terms of getting my clients answers on area homes. Not sure if he can leap tall buildings though...


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