Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does your REALTOR® Blog?

source: 2008 NAR Member Profile

  • “The percent of REALTORS® who have a real estate blog doubled to 8 percent in 2008 from 4 percent in 2007.
  • An additional 13 percent of REALTORS® plan to have a blog in the future.
  • Nearly one in ten REALTORS® younger than 60 years of age have a blog.
  • Additionally,one in five REALTORS® 29 years old or younger reported that they plan to start a blog in the future, decreasing to a still significant one in ten among those 60 years or older.”

Does your REALTOR® blog? If not, why not? If they blog, does their blog seem to be an attempt at a blog post here and there randomly or is it a part of their business practice? Blogging is, or at least it should be, more than random thoughts about what restaurant they had lunch at yesterday. More than a blurb about the last parade through town, or their last open house experience. It should be a study (for the REALTOR®) and a reflection of knowledge that they have obtained about their town and the real estate business. Through blogging we are able to show an almost inexhaustable body of work that shows we study our business daily.

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