Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Athens Home Values and Prices; According to Zillow, Trends are Higher

One of the biggest soapbox issues I have is that “real estate is local” not a national market. Information from shows the one year change on Athens, GA home prices is up a whopping 10.5%. Click the link for Athens Home Values on the Zillow badge below to view the Zillow Home Value Index for 1,5, and 10 years. On this line graph I think you will see that as a whole Athens has not only been resilient over the past year, but due to the University of Georgia, Athens real estate has been consistently positive for the long term.



Zillow Home Value Index:
$151,974 $185,992
1-Yr. Change:
$14,379 -$28,614
Zestimate Per Sq. Ft.:
$144 $226
Flips (Sold Twice Within the Last Yr.):
0.0% 1.3%
Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.):
3.0% 1.8%
Property Tax:
$1,837 $2,973
Median Condo Value:
$133,000 $193,500
Median Single Family Home Value:
$166,000 $208,500

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