Saturday, July 25, 2009

Athens GA Real Estate Experts

By now you have heard me tout Zillow a thousands times over. I have been proud to be a Zillow All Star and have provided detail to their site, uploaded pictures from around Athens, added listings, etc...Now they have bestowed the privilege of being a Zillow Local Expert for Athens Georgia.

Note the badge below that was created to recognize those who have made contributions deemed valuable in a specific city on Zillow. According to Zillow, "Local Experts are active Zillow users who share their real estate knowledge and help others by contributing high-quality content at a local level. The more and better the contributions a user makes that relate to that city or neighborhood, the more likely an award will be granted. Users’ contributions can be seen in their profiles."

When looking at Realtor profiles on Zillow you will see a compass icon next to the name of a city in a Realtor’s Zillow Directory listing. This means they have been awarded a Local Expert badge for that town or city.

As I say, it is indeed a privilege and honor that I appreciate.

Hank Bailey on Zillow

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