Monday, July 13, 2009

Athens Georgia Homes, Facebook, and Life After People

Okay, okay, I hate to admit it, but I dearly enjoy Facebook. While they say the average adult spends four (4) hours each day online, and the world is crashing down around us, updating my status and seeing what my friends and contacts are doing is in a word, “fun.” Maybe I have found the answer to the question everyone is asking regarding the current History channel T.V. show “Life After People.” They never tell you where the people go, just that without us the world is falling apart and decaying.

So now we know! All the people are on Facebook!

In any event, I have established a Fan Page at Facebook. Not regarding me, like many business owners have done which to me seems a little bit too egotistical, but for Athens GA Homes. I think that anyone who is a buyer, seller, and most importantly a homeowner in Athens, GA can be a fan of Athens GA Homes! Become a fan at or click the logo and it will take you there as well!


If you have a chance please take a look. We have 117 members in a little more than a week. I have blog feeds from this blog hitting the wall daily, videos regarding Athens, daily articles from the press regarding real estate ownership facts and issues. Thinking about refinancing and not knowing where rates are this week? Mortgage rate information is at your fingertips from Zillow, and of course there are homes for sale.

On this Page you will find a link to the Georgia MLS, the largest MLS in the southest, where you can not only look up Athens, GA homes for sale, but also see every home for sale in the surrounding Athens area! Looking for property on a particular side of town? Use this link with MapTracks to find where you want to live, not just what you want to consider buying! mapquest

Become a fan and I think you will see a smart, well thought out page full of ideas and information for your reference!

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