Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ways to Expedite Sale

As we see the end of prime "selling season" coming in the next few weeks, getting your home sold quickly remains a trial in many markets statewide. Here is some advice, and some of it is not easy to hear, but it is reality.


Cut your list price to 15 percent to 20 percent below what comparable properties are listed for in your neighborhood or surrounding area.

Spruce up the outside. Update the landscaping. Power-wash the exterior and paint the door.Anything that looks "uncared for" will appear to today's foreclosure hungry shark of a buyer as a wounded guppy in the water.

It's all about the first-time buyers. Advertise on younger consumers' favorite Web sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. Hiring a photographer to shoot the house with a wide-angle lens, extra lighting, and even do some panned shots to get that virtual tour effect is a great idea. Video that you can place on YouTube is another great idea.

Be aware of how incrementally pricing a house can make a difference. Be aware of how people shop online. For example, a $299,000 house might have a better shot of being seen at $274,900 or $249,900 in most home searches. Think of $25,000 increments and put yourself in the shoes of a buyer to see if "you" would find your house on a given home search based on how its' priced considering your home's features.

Make the deal work. Have a pre-home listing inspection done to know of any potential deal killers that may arise, get an appraisal done to make sure you are on the money regarding price so that a future buyer appraisal has less likelihood of killing a deal, offer to pay part closing costs, and throw in everything including the kitchen sink or prepay HOA fees to make it work. If you live in a neighborhood with no community pool, but there is a pool right down the street, pay for a summer membership to set yourself different than your neighboring competition.

If you are a buyer in our market, these are probably the best buying conditions in 30 years! If you would like to search the Athens MLS with MapTracks please take a look at listings in our “Classic City” today! On this web MLS search solution you can search every listing on the Georgia MLS for the Greater Athens area or in your Georgia town!



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