Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One More Reason to Move to Athens, we are Undervalued

Athens, Georgia's latest press coverage; One More Reason to Move to Athens!

According to the article from U.S News and World Report, and based upon IHS Global Insight’s first-quarter 2009 House Prices in America report which uses population density, household income, and other data to compare a housing market's current value with where it should be on a purely statistical basis, U.S. News states that they put together a list of the top underpriced college towns.

Of Athens, they state that our “Classic City” is undervalued by 17 percent according to the IHS Global Insight data. That is “undervalued,” which if you are looking to make a move to a new lifestyle for all your tomorrows, this is one more reason why I have to encourage you to look hard at Athens, GA!

  1. Houston: 37 percent undervalued
  2. Atlanta: 24 percent undervalued
  3. Bryan-College Station, Texas: 21 percent undervalued
  4. Columbus, Ohio: 21 percent undervalued
  5. South Bend, Ind.: 19 percent undervalued
  6. Ann Arbor, Mich.:19 percent undervalued.
  7. Athens, Ga.: 17 percent undervalued
  8. Tallahassee, Fla. : 17 percent undervalued
  9. Gainesville, Fla.: 17 percent undervalued
  10. Lincoln, Neb.: 16 percent undervalued
  11. Minneapolis-St. Paul : 16 percent undervalued
  12. Boston: 16 percent undervalued
  13. Fayetteville, Ark: 15 percent undervalued
  14. San Luis Obispo, Calif.: 14 percent undervalued
  15. Columbia, Mo.: 14 percent undervalued


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